Disability Management & Return To Work Services

My fourteen years of employment at WorkSafeBC provided me with extensive experience in working within the insurance company, rehabilitation, and disability management contexts.

I see many clients who have been temporarily disabled from work for psychological (e.g., “stress leave”) and/or physical reasons. I am contracted by rehabilitation consultants, insurance company case managers, or disability management professionals to provide psychological services to help clients improve their psychological functioning, involvement in day-to-day activities, return to work readiness, and chances of attaining a successful and durable return to work.

My involvement may include all or some of the following components:

  • Initial intake assessment
  • Review of other medical and rehabilitation professionals’ reports
  • Psychological treatment utilizing cognitive-behavioural, stress management, and mindfulness-based principles
  • Ongoing consultation with rehabilitation team members and the case manager
  • Consultation regarding GRTW (graduated return to work) planning and implementation
  • Return to work preparation
  • Psychological support during GRTW participation
  • Follow-up as requested

I receive referrals from major disability insurance carriers, disability management companies, and rehabilitation consultants or coordinators. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss a referral.