Psychotherapy Approach

I view therapy as an opportunity to evaluate what’s working for us, and what’s holding us back from being the persons we truly want to be. Our strengths and gifts need to be celebrated, and our old hurts, limiting beliefs, and “stuck” ways of responding need to be healed or updated. This involves getting curious about why we became a certain way, how it once served us and may continue to serve us, and how it may hold us back. Therapy provides a safe setting to begin exploring these issues and to experiment with reacting differently, both inside the therapy room and in the outside world. Therapy also offers a setting where new skills are introduced and can be practiced in a supportive environment

I tailor my therapeutic approach to the client’s needs and draw from a variety of therapeutic orientations, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, trauma theory and recovery, psychodynamic therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Many of my clients especially enjoy working within the framework of Hakomi, a therapeutic method that uses mindfulness to help explore thoughts, emotional reactions, body sensations and memories, and to guide us to the core issues where healing, transformation and growth can happen.

Some clients seek therapy briefly to consult about, or get assistance with, a relatively straight-forward issue. Others wish to explore more long-standing or complex issues, or find open-ended therapy helpful to guide them along the path of personal growth and development. Many clients return for occasional ‘tune-ups’, or to get support for a new life challenge.

I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist and invite you to check out the Hakomi Institute of BC or Hakomi Institute International pages for more detailed information about this method.